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Sometimes we focus so much on our areas of insecurity that we lose sight of ourselves as whole.  RankPic is here to help you find your best photo by crowdsourcing feedback from anonymous users.  It is completely free, and you can get started in under a minute!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is your app actually free?  How do you make money?

A:  Yes.  Currently there are no plans to monetize, however if it becomes necessary due to the costs of hosting, monetization would be through giving the option of skipping voting in by purchasing credits directly.  We will never sell user data or metadata.  

Q:  How do you keep friends and colleagues from seeing my photos as I'm testing?

A:  In the app, under settings (also in a prompt before creating your first test) you have the option to select a location from which voters are excluded.  For example, if you are based in the US, you could choose a state or even the whole country as your area of exclusion and then your test would not be shown to any voters from that area. 

Q:  Will my photos get used anywhere else? Are they public?

A:  Your photos are yours, and they are never visible to the public internet or sites such as Google.  We will also never use your photos in any marketing or advertising operations.  Photos get randomly assigned to voters according to the criteria you specify while the test is active and you have enough credits.  When a test is deleted, inactive, doesn't have enough credits, or is complete (over 30 votes) it is not shown to anyone.  You can pause or delete the test and photos at anytime from the view details screen.  

Q:  Why should I get my photos ranked by total strangers? Isn't it better to ask my friends?

A:  Actually the opposite!  Because your friends know you, they have biases on your photos the same as you do.  For many applications, such as professional photos or dating apps, the people looking at your photos will also be strangers, so it is important to pick a photo that gives them the best impression of you.

Furthermore, your friends might think they are doing you a favor by not giving you the full truth.  Here you will get an honest opinion, averaged out over many votes, for an extremely accurate comparison. 

Q:  Couldn't someone cheat and pick randomly to get credits?

A:  It is actually really hard to cheat.  Way more work than to give an honest opinion.  We have a couple mechanisms to detect cheating in real time and immediately throw out those votes (without costing you credits).  The system will also deduct credits from the cheater and give them a warning.  If it is detected multiple times it could lead to an account ban. 

Furthermore, we have a separate system that checks the votes of users against the test's final results and if people deviate too far from the norm on a significant amount of tests they are taken into further review, with bad votes being thrown away retroactively, affected users reimbursed and the offending user banned.

Besides our technical mechanisms making very difficult to cheat, the reality is that our users are here because they need help showing off their best side, and they want to help you do the same.  There just isn't any profit in cheating.

Q: How can I completely remove my data from your app?

A: To delete a test: In the app, under the test details page, there is a button labeled "delete test." This completely removes the photos from our database.  

To delete a user: In the app, under the settings page at the the bottom there is a button "delete user". This deletes all personal user information (though not images) from our servers. To delete images, please make sure all tests are deleted before deleting the user account.

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